CGW Chestnut & Countryside Management was set up in 2008 to produce a sustainable and environmentally friendly range of fencing products from the heart of the South Downs National Park. Since then the demand for Sweet Chestnut products has increased, we have expanded to provide a wide variety of products and services produced to your specification.

We work with chestnut because it’s a totally sustainable source of timber. It lasts as long as treated softwood if not longer but, without the need for chemicals. We always aim to source our timber as locally to us as we can, much of our wood is grown on the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex. As well as producing products from our woodland, we can also produce sweet chestnut products from your woodland.

Some of our valued customers include The National Trust, Wildlife Trust, Forestry Commission, Cowdray Estate, McVeigh Parker and Charlton Sawmill.

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